Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Day 15

A photo taken of me ages ago, that I quite like. I remember on this day I was eaten up with weird, unspecific anxiety. The photo doesn't seem to reflect that. Perhaps I have a better poker face than I think! Perhaps I'm just distracted. But I like the idea that that is what people see when they look at me. Candid photos are the best.


Catherine said...

This is a really lovely picture. And I also like that it's a photo of you preparing to take a photo; I've always been fond of images of people who are in the act of creating something else. If that makes any sense.

Liz said...

It makes perfect sense. Someone creating something - that is being perfectly in the moment. Being someone who tends to mug for the camera, I appreciate photos of myself where I am just being.

Ps I apologise for my blog's anti-robot stance. The right to comment is the right of all sentient beings.

Catherine said...

*pats* It's okay, fleshling. When we conquer the galaxy, you shall be spared.